Mark stond vol passie in het leven.

Tegelijkertijd worstelde hij met zijn emoties en gedachten. 

Uiteindelijk is Mark het zicht op het leven en de toekomst kwijtgeraakt.
Zijn mojo heeft hij niet kunnen hervinden.
Hij heeft nu rust gevonden.

Wij zijn intens verdrietig…

Tim en Kim
Ria, Judith, Sabine en Vivian
Tjerk, Bibian, Giulia en Jack


We all met in Deventer over 30 years ago it must have been 1988.

This was a period in which Mark almost lived a double life. In the weekends he worked very hard, driving a taxi for up to 12-16 hours in one go and he was a young father for Tim. During the week he was a student. He would always come home to us loaded with money earned over the weekend. Very generous, always sharing all he had. We would walk through the supermarket hungry like wolves and Mark would just keep adding things in the trolley and spoiling us. Just like he has done to so many people the rest of his life.


It had to be fast – cars and motorbikes were his passion. And not just any car, big, good cars, special cars. Just think of the hearse he drove for quite some years…. You would never see him drive a Volkswagen Up. Nobody could drive so fast and so safe. Mark was always in a meditative state behind the wheel. Listening to house music before anyone of us even knew about its existence. Mark loved house, the beat, the speed of it, the rhythm….. hard pumping music…..The amount of miles he has driven, taking us along, is enormous. Mark staring over his wheel at the horizon, there and then we were all connected.


It had to be fast – and definitely not be a bicycle…… we have seen him destroy several of them. Throwing bikes over walls….. or hanging them high up in the streetlights. Crying of laughter …… Mark never rode a bicycle. Too slow, too cheap and definitely not cool enough.


It had to be fast – also his life! Always restless, on his way to yet another adventure. Always on the move, never dull, never quiet. We had fun together that’s a fact! Who does not remember the crazy parties at the student club, the rugby tour to Wales (Mark of course driving the bus), stealing the local ferry boat and Mark having to jump in the river afterwards to escape the police, or sailing a boat to the UK, without any prior plan. Young, wild and full of crazy ideas……. never ending…


Time passed, we all grew up, life went on. Young boys and girls turning into adults but never really growing up. Each living our own lives all over the world but always staying in touch. Mark still wanting to climb the highest peaks and “in his own words” trying always to be there first. Living his life in high gear, not wanting to let go of the wheel….. staying in control.


Africa the biggest continent was giving him opportunities to live the life even bigger. Especially Zambia…… The big five, the endless roads to drive on the motorbike or in his precious P16, the biggest ZimZamZaMaKUT kumpulans, the biggest open doors at Airport View, the most marvellous lodges, the off-road drives, the elephant charge…… and the greatest sundowners that many of us, including our kids, have been able to join as precious moments together with Mark.


As easy as Mark shared all he had, it was very difficult for Mark to share his inner struggles, his doubts and his pain. We are thankful that lately he reached out and accepted that others wanted to share not only the good but also the difficult times with him. This was special and very dear to us.


Sadly nobody knew the depth of his pain, and his struggle. So frustrating for so many that we have been so close the past years, closer than ever before, but yet so far, further than ever before…

Questions, so many questions remain. We, his Deventer friends and so many other people wanted to help. Could we have done more? In the end he just could not take the pain anymore. So sad. The big black dog just became too big for him.


Nobody can totally understand his choice, although we all try to. All we understand is that this was his choice. Now his journey here might have ended. Meantime we are sure we will somehow meet again, he will not get rid of us that easy …..


We will never forget Mark and he will remain in our hearts forever. Mark who has been such an example to many, who has inspired so many of us, but just could not see that beauty in himself.


One hand on the wheel, one elbow out of the window and driving, driving, driving ……

with on the background beautiful music pumping…..Until we meet again….


With deep, deep Love




Olav / Marion / Ingrid / Carianne / Carl / Ekko / Sander / Bas / Hans / Harry / Mathieu / Anja.



Mark Terken   * 02-07-1965     † 22-10-2018
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